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TorrentFreak Owner/Editor Lennart Renkema PhD Received Funding From Google & Bittorrent Friendly VPN 

Google funded Lennart Renkema’s last paper.  Let’s just get right to the point shall we?   TorrentFreak is not a semi-biased news source that reports sympathetically on piracy. If you accept the framework of academic policy washing laid out in Merchants of Doubt, TorrentFreak operates as a public policy arm of Google and other commercial … Continue reading

With US Tanks Massed on Canadian Border Law Prof Michael Geist Saves Canada by Sacrificing Canadian Artists/Culture 

What’s that? …. There are no tanks?…. Oh….So Canada’s most “internet famous” copyright law professor Michael “Neville Chamberlain” Geist is simply selling out Canadian artists for no apparent reason?!? And the beneficiaries of his tortured interpretation of facts and data is predictably the US Silicon Valley monopolies that indirectly benefit from the massively infringing pirate … Continue reading

Historic Coalition of 213 Musical Artists Calls on Congress to Pass CLASSICS Act 

The 1976 copyright act federalized copyrights for post 1972 sound recordings.  Sound recordings made pre-1972  were covered and remain covered by state copyright laws.  The 1976 act did not strip the works of copyright protection.  Several years ago digital broadcasters and non-interactive streaming services all decided (simultaneously) that the Digital Performance Right in Sound Recordings Act … Continue reading

Songwriters Guild of North America Negotiates Changes to MMA to Increase Songwriter Representation 

We are pleased to see that the conversations between Rick Carnes (SGA) and Rep Doug Collins that began at University of Georgia Artists Rights Symposium has resulted in improvement to the representation of songwriters on the board proposed in the Music Modernization Act.   Press release from SGA follows. SONGWRITERS GUILD OF AMERICA ANNOUNCES THAT … Continue reading

Rigged: Spotify’s Litigator @CJSprigman is Leading American Law Institute’s “Restatement” of Copyright 

Christopher J. Sprigman a New York University Law School professor is leading the American Law Institute’s dubious “Restatement of Copyright” project, a project the Acting Register of Copyrights called  an attempt to establish a “pseudo copyright act”  while simultaneously representing Spotify in the Bluewater v Spotify copyright infringement case. Pure hubris. How is the it … Continue reading

While Leading @AmLawInstitute Copyright “Restatement” It Appears Sprigman Got Funding From Google For Papers 

One of three Google funded papers co-authored by Sprigman which were published after he began working as the  “impartial” reporter on the American Law Institutes Copyright Restatement project. Silicon Valley corporations and anti copyright ideologues are unhappy that there is even a shred of copyright protection left for artists. They have not been able to … Continue reading