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SoundExchange Launches Mass NOI Lookup 

Hypebot is reporting an important story you might have missed:  SoundExchange/SXWorks has launched a tool for songwriters to begin unraveling the mess that Digital Media Association companies created at the Copyright Office over mass NOIs. You’ve heard about the loophole that the Digital Media Association companies like Spotify, Amazon, Google  (YouTube) and Pandora (but not … Continue reading

Censored Spotify Article Update: HuffPo CEO is Former Spotify GC, Possible Shareholder 

Huffington post CEO seems stoked about Spotify subscriber metrics. Why is that?   Digital Music News is reporting: “Huffington Post CEO Jared Grusd was General Counsel and Global Head of Corporate Development at Spotify for 4 years.  Which means there’s probably a strong connection, and even financial strings like stock options.” Please read full article here … Continue reading

@lizpelly: The Problem with Musak — Artist Rights Watch 

The music world continues to be exceedingly vulnerable, and there are looming questions that desperately need to be addressed. Most important: How can artists distribute and sell their work in a digital economy beholden to ruthlessly commercial and centralized interests? Enter Spotify, a platform that is definitely not the answer. via @lizpelly: The Problem with Musak … Continue reading

The Slippery Slope of Censorship: @HuffPost Pulls Story Critical of @Spotify Ahead of IPO 

Artists Rights advocate Blake Morgan (#IRespectMusic) published a story in the Huffington Post this morning critical of Spotify. The story was rapidly gaining traction when it was suddenly deleted and Morgan received this email from the Huffington Post: From: Bryan Maygers <> Subject: Spotify’s Fatal Flaw Exposed Date: January 8, 2018 at 11:43:41 AM EST … Continue reading

Universal Leads Royalty Deadbeat Facebook Out of the Cold With Precedent Setting Licensing Deal 

Originally posted on Music Technology Policy:
This is what happens when you stick to your property rights–Bloomberg reports that Facebook, aka royalty deadbeat, has signed a multiyear licensing deal with Universal Music Group: Facebook Inc. signed a multiyear licensing deal that lets the social network carry songs and artists from the world’s biggest record label,…

Joint statement on Music Modernization Act of 2017 from NMPA President & CEO David Israelite, ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews, BMI President & CEO Mike O’Neill, NSAI President Steve Bogard and SONA Execut 

Originally posted on Artist Rights Watch:
We strongly support the introduction of the Music Modernization Act which represents months of collaboration and compromise between the songwriting and tech industries. This legislation enables digital music companies to find the owners of the music they use and reforms the rate setting process for performing rights, ensuring that songwriters and music publishers…