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Once Again @Alalibrary Have No Dog in Fight but Come out Against Authors on Copyright Small Claims 

Dear Google…er…uh-I mean American Library Association: Really?  The American Library Association and it’s members are really gonna be impacted by a voluntary “small claims” copyright court?   How? How could this possibly have any impact on your member libraries?  This is quite a stretch even by Google apparatchik standards. While there will always be plenty … Continue reading

If Google Claims It Is a Publisher and Search Results Are Its Own Speech Then Isn’t Google Illegally Favoring Youtube? 

A Google Search for Ringo Starr’s “It Don’t Come Easy” returns a YouTube video as top result.  Try it at home but our experience shows for nearly any song the first result is a YouTube video.  If Google search results are as it claims “speech” isn’t Google favoring its own properties over competitors?  Isn’t Google … Continue reading

The Flaw Behind Zuckerberg’s Universal Basic Income Scam — MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY 

Mark Zuckerberg supports universal basic income. #BasicIncome — Basic Income Images (@BasicIncomeIMG) September 15, 2017 These 21st Century Robber Barrons will expect the taxpayer to pay for those smart roads or if the beneficiaries of the infrastructurer will pay, they will expect to own the roads, no doubt. So the taxpayer will pay for … Continue reading

Geist is More than Unbalanced on Copyright: Note to American University @WCL_PIJIP @Sean_Fiil_Flynn ‏ 

I literally laughed out loud when I saw that American University Washington Law School Program on Information Justice and Intellectual Property has invited the controversial Canadian academic Michael Geist to give a “balanced” talk on NAFTA, copyright and intellectual property.  (Editor note:  What IS information justice? How do “things” receive justice?) Although Geist has largely … Continue reading

Torrent Freak Reports that Spotify Used “Pirated” MP3 Files To Launch Service and Why That Matters 

Spotify’s counsel Christopher Sprigman recently made the argument in  Bluewater Music Services v. Spotify that the service isn’t required to pay mechanical royalties to songwriters because they aren’t really making copies  except for those covered by “fair use” and “ephemeral” exceptions.   This extremely aggressive argument seems to many (but not all*) music publishing experts … Continue reading

Efforts Against Ad Supported Piracy Show Results 

The always entertaining David Newhoff has an excellent new blog post on the success of efforts to reign in advertising sponsored piracy.  The amount of “premium” advertising from major brands has shrunk dramatically.  The advertising remaining on the sites are sketchier and the sites are now often loaded with malware. “As many readers know, the … Continue reading

A Single Picture Illustrates How Google Turned American Library Association Into Shilling Machine 

Everyone in this photo is directly or indirectly funded by Google. From left: ALA President Jim Neal; Re:Create Executive Director Joshua Lamel; Prue Adler, associate executive director, Federal Relations and Information Policy; Matt Schruers, vice president for law and policy at the Computer and Communications Industry Association; Jonathan Band; Katherine Oyama, senior policy counsel for Google; … Continue reading

How Crypto Fascism Works: Piracy Apologists Manufacture Links to “Googlewash” Trichordist Reporting on Reda-Pirate-Nazi Nexus 

Listen dumb asses. This isn’t our first fucking rodeo. We know what you are up to with multiple URLs of the same story.  It’s called Googlewashing or Google Bombing. Torrent Freak is trying to create noise in the search ranking system. So since they decided to step into it with us, let’s point out what … Continue reading

Why is it Every Time We Turn Over a Pirate Rock White Nationalists, Nazi’s and Bigots Scurry Out? 

The Scheißebin of History.  Pirate, Nazi memorabilia collector and self confessed Hitler fan Kim Dotcom graces the cover of Wired Magazine. (Ironically this is “hot linked” from Socialist Appeal article in which they seem to praise Dotcom and Pirate Bay as somehow socialist.) Let’s just start at the Godwin conclusion.  There is no other way … Continue reading